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24th March 2015 QRkids® on page 4 of The Moorabool News - QRkids® saves a life!


2nd Sept 2014 QRkids® on page 4 of The Moorabool News 

25th Aug  2014 QRkids® has been short listed in the Top100 in the AusMumpreneur Awards in the Judged section!! 

QRKids® Nominated in WorkSafe awards! July 2014

Here is the link to our Ctitical Incident Identification Cards http://www.healthandsafetyawards.vwa.vic.gov.au/browse-entries/entries/critical-incident-identification

Here is the link to our YouTube video on how easy our products are to use https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rWM6CYy5io


QRkids® Nominated for Awards 11th June 2014





QRkids® is the brain child of a mum of 4, who thought there has to be a faster, better & safer way to RETURN lost kids back to their parents at events such as shows, outings, excursions…

We've all heard the lost kid announcements. We want to see all kids back with their family or get help to them as fast as possible to reduce stress, guesswork & paperwork for all involved.


You hear news reports all of the time stating that someone with Alzheimer's has not returned home or can no longer remember who they are……………………………….

You could be an employer who chooses to have all staff allocated with their own personal QR coding just in case there is a work place accident and vital information is only seconds away, especially if they work off site!!!!


After observing my own child at a kinder excursion with ALL the kinder contact details & our personal information on display for anyone to view around her neck, my idea was fully validated. There has to be a better way AND there is!!!

As a mum, I wanted something that would store my data securely, out of prying eyes, but would be able to help teaching staff, nursing staff & emergency services, it also had to be stand alone, no data base, no renewals, be user friendly & unobtrusive


Welcome to the safer more secure world of QRkids®

QRkids® products are created to assist Kids, Special Needs, Schools, Workers and Employers, Sports people and Travellers when they need help most.


Our privacy policy information page will show you what steps we take to protect your identity

 I also invite to you click on our about page to learn how QRkids® works for yourself


 If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you

 Stay Safe,

 Janine Campbell

Mum & Founder QRkids®


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